I feel genuinely lucky to hand on heart to say I love doing what I do. And I may never be a rich man but if I live long enough, I’ll certainly have a tale or two for the nephews.
And I dig the thought of that. - Micky Smith

  • a testshot from the 100mm, dang it’s crisp, even when I’m at a 15th/s I can get fairly tack sharp images (this one on the other hand is 160th/s :p) It’s to windy to take macro’s outside and I’m to lazy to set up my tripod to do some extensive shooting.

    Oh and for those who are wondering, I’m in the painting stage of my single speed bike, the matte black finish is done, now only the white details and maybe graphics? and then a final layer of varnish and it’s done! (do you think I should do some graphics on the bike, or should I keep it minimal? if so, what kind of graphics?